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Monday, April 16, 2012

Facts About Earthquake

1)  Earthquake occurs when breaking and shifting of rocks beneath the Earth's surface.

2)  Earthquake is also known as movements of plates below the earth's crust.

3)  When the Earth's plates moves, the rocks in the crust gets pushed and pulled. During this process,  the friction will hold the rocks in place for years and years and when they can't take it anymore, the rocks will suddenly get cracks and shifts. This movement releases waves of energy called an earthquake.

4)  Sensitive instruments, around the world detected 500,000 earthquakes since..

5)  In which, 100,000 earthquakes are felt and 100 earthquakes could cause damage each year.

6)  The largest magnitude recorder ever is 9.5 in Chile on 1960, May 22.

7)  Due to volcanic activity, around 80 percent of the earthquakes occurs in rim of the Pacific Ocean, which is called the "Ring of Fire".

8)  The world deadliest earthquake occurred in Jan 23, 1556 in Shansi, China. 830,000 people were died approximately.

9)  Moment Magnitude Scale and Richter Magnitude Scale are used to estimate the amount of energy produced during any earthquake.

10) Study of earthquakes are called Seismology.  The instrument that detects, records and measures the vibrations created by an earthquake is Seismograph.

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