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Friday, March 16, 2012

Facts About Bermuda Triangle

1)  The Bermuda Triangle, sometimes known as the Devil's Triangle, is a 1.5-million-square-mile (4,000,000 kms) area of ocean roughly defined by Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the southern tip of Florida

2)  The Bermuda Triangle is not actually a triangle in fact it doesn't even have a definite shape it never has had a official boundary.

3)  Computer studies of ocean floors around the world, particularly the area known as The Bermuda Triangle, reveal evidence of massive methane explosions in the past.

4)  Scientists finalized the reason for Bermuda triangle is The presence of methane hydrates indicates enormous eruptions of methane bubbles that would swamp a ship, and projected high into the air- take out flying airplanes, as well.

5)  The Bermuda Triangle is famous for the disappearences of over 66 airplanes and ships. The most famous disappearance is an airplane called flight 19. The ship disappeared over 30 years ago and it hasn't been seen since.

6)  The first person to document strange goings on in the area was actually Christopher Columbus, on his first trip through the area. He stated that he saw mysterious lights and had difficulty with the compass as it did funny things.

7)  Some of the more esoteric theories include alien abductions, time warps, strange magnetic fields, and black holes.  Some have even theorized that the ancient city of Atlantis existed in this area (Edgar Cayce gave a reading in 1932 that placed the city of Atlantis precisely in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle).

8)  Strange feature The glowing 'white water' picked up by satellites still remains a mystery to scientists, although the phenomenon was first recorded by Columbus.

9)  Another mysterious meteorological condition renowned in the Bermuda Triangle is a glowing green fog

10)The US Board of Geographic Names never accepts the existence of the Bermuda Triangle.


  1. Yasir,thanks realy it summarize most assumption. I'm woundering what about religious people ? I believe they have their own point of view & its called the Devil island as mentiond. They believ that devils lives there and they have proves from their holy books.

    fo further discussin you could cotact me

    1. Hi Friend,
      The above research concentrated on the known facts. In terms of religious perspective, people haven't expressed anything on the said subject. Hope there is limit for human being to track beyond the c :-)

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    1. You can read all my other posts, which could make you know something, which you might not aware. :-)

  3. This really helped me out.
    p.s. This shit is gayer than Raymond Vega.

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