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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Facts About Tsunami

1)   "Harbour wave" is the meaning of the word "Tsunami".

2)   Underwater earthquake, volcanic eruption or landslide will cause Tsunami.

3)   Tsunami will have a speed of 950kph.

4)   Tsunami can go up-to 524 meters high.

5)   Scientists will calculate the time of arrival of tsunami based on distances from one place to another, depth of the water or the time of the earthquake or other event occurred.

6)   Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and California will get about one tsunami per year. In which major damages every seven year.

7)   Tsunami's are frequently happening in Japan, till now 200 are recorded.

8)   Tsunami happened in Indian Ocean on 2004 had an effect of 23,000 atomic bombs. The death count was 283,000.

9)   Tsunami waves will have 60 miles longer.  These waves can have the capability of crossing entire oceans without loosing its energy.

10) Nuclear explosions will cause tsunami. But, during many testing, nothing caused tsunami. For safer side, such testing was banned my international treaty.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Facts About Thunder and Lightning

1)   Cumulonimbus cloud, which is nothing but an extremely dense, vertically developed charged with electricity causes Thunderstorm and lightning.

2)   The upper portion is positively charged and the middle and lower portions are charged negatively. Discharges takes place between clouds when electricity voltage is large causes lightning.

3)   Rumbles(long rolling sound) of thunder occurs when the electric current in the lightning discharge produces a large amount of heat. This results in the rapid expansion of the local air.

4)   Lighting will have an high impact where Thunder won't do. Hence, it is pretty important to be aware of lightning instead of thunder.

5)   1,800 thunderstorms are taking place all around the world at any time. Which means 16 million a year.

6)   Thunderstorms generates lightening always away from the raining areas.

7)   It will be predicted that lightning and thunder occur at the same time. However,  light travels much faster than sound, owing to this, people usually feel lightning before thunder.

8)   By having the time difference between flash and thunder, the distance of the thunderstorm can be calculated.

9)   During spring and summer months, thunderstorms will occur.

10) Sea breezes, mountains can help in lifting the air to generate thunderstorms.